Available courses

Python - introduction

Preparation for the graduation exams in programming using Python. In accordance with the graduation standards of the school year 2017/18.

The course IS intended for:
  • students that are going to graduate from computer science, want to repeat and solve tasks required by the graduation standards and know the Python language
  • students that know other programming languages and want to study Python

The course IS NOT intended for:
  • beginners in programming or students that never programmed
  • people interested in harder and complex tasks

The course contains:

  • 150 tasks requiering to write the code that is automaticaly evaluated, searching for code bugs and analysing the output of a code of someone else

The course structure:

  • Input and Output, Conditions, Loops, String, Nested loops, Working with text, Data types, Multiple conditions, Conversions between numeral systems, Fixing of other codes, Code analysis, Fields, Files, Subprogram, Subprograms and field, Matrix, Text graphics